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Group profile

Huijing Holdings Company Limited (“Huijing” or the “Group”) is an integrated residential and commercial property developer in the PRC with its foothold in the Greater Bay Area, gradually expanding its presence to the Yangtze River Delta Urban Cluster and the Yangtze Mid-Stream Urban Cluster. It focuses on urban renewal projects, covering residential, integrated and industry-specific property projects. Besides, the Group has been included as one of the constituent stocks of the MSCI China All Shares Small Cap Index, Hang Seng Composite Index and Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index Series.

Residential Property Projects

The residential property projects of Huijing Holdings primarily consist of apartments, townhouses, mansions and villas. Our residential property projects are well-equipped with ancillary facilities, social amenities and garden features, such as parks, clubhouses, swimming pools, gymnasiums and children’s playgrounds, creating a comfortable living environment for our customers.

Integrated Property Projects

The integrated property projects of Huijing Holdings combine residential properties with commercial properties and, where required by the relevant land grant contract, hotels, in order to offer a “one-stop properties service” that is convenient to our customers, attracting the populous from traditional city centers. In particular, we introduced internationally known brands and, where required, internationally renowned hotel operators to increase the attractiveness of our integrated property projects.

「Tourism-healthy Living」 Property Projects

“Tourism-healthy living” refers to the concept where Huijing Holdings focuses on creating a comfortable and quality living environment for our customers by introducing various facilities focusing on travel, health and senior care, such as parks and spas. Capitalizing on the increasing demand for travel, health and senior-care lifestyles among our existing and potential customers, “tourism-healthy living’’ will be one of our continuing focuses for future developments.

Innovative Technologies Industry Property Projects

The innovative technologies industry property projects of Huijing Holdings aim to provide communities with sufficient facilities for emerging industries, allowing such communities to grow, collaborate and develop into the core of a mature industry within and around our property projects.

Urban Renewal Projects

Urban renewal developments have been one of main focuses of Huijing Holdings. We have been involved in urban renewal projects in Dongguan, and have completed or begun 17 urban renewal projects of varying size and specifications since 2013.